Where commerce meets blockchain

The madness with NFTs, collectibles, and blockchain technology

Why do NFTs attract digital artists?

Exceptionally priced JPGs (NFT resells)

What do NFTs mean for business players?

1. Distribute full product ownership

Nike’s “Digital Locker” vision: an example for a customer to validate & receive the digital ownership alongside the physical sneakers (Credit: US Patent Office)

2. Track inventory from end to end

An architectural schema of the retail experience powered by blockchain (Credit: LeewayHertz)

3. Alleviate or amplify the “out-of-stock” anxiety with drops

Are NFT drops the new Pokémon cards? (Credit: NFT calendar)

What is the takeaway for designing in the blockchain space?



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Shan Shen

Shan Shen


Principal product designer at Custom Ink. I lead digital experiences in tech to empower emerging communities. shanshenux.com