What’s coming to UX in 2018

Clean interfaces

The release of iOS 11 this year revealed a noticeable UI update on those bold, clean navigation bars. This visual language emphasizes the top priority of the information on the interface — content comes first. Content-first interfaces reduce distractions and make users laser-focused on the information contained in those interfaces. It also accelerates user interactions in linear flows of completing tasks.

iOS 10 and iOS 11 Navigation Bar Changes
Facebook Stories
Content-first Designs for Easy Navigation

Data-driven designs

Another big change that I have seen in 2017 is that design decisions are more driven by user data rather than typical stakeholders from design review meetings.

VUI interactions

VUI (Voice user interface) has been a buzzword for the whole year. I have heard many times that voice interaction will become the next dominant user interaction comparing to web-based and mobile-based interactions. I’m neutral before expressing an opinion on it, but I see VUI is adding a rich and dynamic dimension to screen-based interactions.

VUI Products

Summary: Stay tuned

There are other trends I want to add to the article but I figured that I should cut things short to highlight the most important ones. As designers, we always need to keep our eyes open to sense new things, try new tools and contextualize new ideas. If you have any ideas and thoughts on this article, please don’t hesitate to put it down here. Conversations keep our life moving forward! 🛫



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Shan Shen

Shan Shen

Principal product designer at Custom Ink. I lead digital experiences in tech to empower emerging communities. shanshenux.com