Ship Designs in Product Design Sprints and Stay Tuned on Jira

“How are designs delivered?”

1. Ship designs on Jira

Use Jira to manage design deliverables
Structure for organizing design deliverables on Jira

2. The pros of using Jira for design sprints

  • Easy to track design process within the design team and benefit cross-departmental collaborations with engineers, product managers, or any team members who use Jira. It’s easy and efficient for engineers to break down design requirements and estimate potential dev time on “dev-ready” design Jiras. A design Jira is mostly a table of contents for engineers to refer to in scrum planning meetings and find assets they need during implementation.
Kudos to your design team!
  • Clear to track design iterations through linked Jiras. Product design often goes through several phases (Alpha, Beta, GA) before getting the final product into users’ hands. Even for the same product feature, designs can be implemented differently from phase to phase. With linked Jiras, it’s much easier to track and when and which version of the design got implemented.
Use issue links to track different version of designs

2. The cons of using Jira for design sprints

The top one first-time usability issue I’m hoping Jira can improve

4. Final thoughts



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